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Nursing Home Bedsores

Published by Mark Brynteson

In Mark D. Brynteson’s 20 plus years of practicing personal injury law, nursing home abuse and neglect cases constitute some of the most galling matters he has handled. Unfortunately, most residents and family members don’t know about the resources available to them.

Thanks to the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act, abuse, neglect, and carelessness at nursing homes are legally actionable offenses. If you or a loved one has developed bedsores while at a facility, the home must prove that the sores were unavoidable and that the staff provided effective care after sores were detected.

Why do bedsores develop? In some cases, nurses make poor care decisions. In other cases, a pervasive culture of abuse and neglect at the home may be to blame. For instance, as outrageous as it sounds, at some nursing homes, lazy staff has tethered patients with restraints to avoid having to take care of them. These patients literally become prisoners in their own beds. They can develop uncomfortable sores, which can subsequently become infected and lead to clotting, contusions, full blown body infection, fever, gangrene, loss of muscle tone, and even death.

There is no reason you or your loved one should stand for this kind of treatment. The law is on your side. Mark D. Brynteson can make filing a claim simple and efficient. He provides a “no fee guarantee.” That is, Mark D. Brynteson will advance all investigation, litigation, and court costs. You won’t pay dime one unless and until he collects money for you. Explore more about Mark D. Brynteson’s qualifications, philosophy, and staff at www.bryntesonlaw.com, or e-mail him at info@bryntesonlaw.com. For immediate answers or to speak with him ASAP, dial 1-815-569-4280.


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