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Our goal is to provide you with the best legal counsel possible. Part of that is making sure you are fully informed of your rights and responsibilities. Check out our free downloadable guides below!

Guide to Injury Cases

Getting injured can cause a lot of frustration and confusion. What are your options? Do you need a lawyer? Do you even have a case?

We answer all these questions and more in our free guide on injury cases!

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Choosing an Attorney

You’ve probably seen a lot of ads for lawyers. However, the truth is not all lawyers are equal. Finding a good lawyer is the first step to being successful in any legal area.

In our guide, we explain what to look for when choosing an attorney, and how to find the best one in your area!

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I have known Mr. Brynteson for many years. I first met him in a social setting at a men's prayer group, then later had the privilege to use him professionally on several occasions. Mr. Brynteson has set up two non-profit corporations that I am a part of in record time. His competence, speed of action and knowledge in the area was astounding! I believe that Mr. Brynteson has the integrity that he would not take on any case in which he feels he could not do an exceptional job for his client. I certainly could recommend this gentlemen and am privileged to publicly give him a 5 star rating.

— Dr. Jacob Caraotta

When I finally called Mark Brynteson after being mired in a nasty situation for several months, Mark immediately took charge and directed every reponse on my part. He explained the problems clearly from a legal standpoint and also provided options when they were available. One day when I was quite sick and flat on my back, Mark called to follow up on a problem. When he finished, he said, "Today I'm not on the clock". Under the circumstances, that consideration was highly appreciated.

— Len Salvig

We have found Mark Brynteson to give both informed and researched advice. After using several different lawyers, we now go directly to Mark for our legal issues. Having had such a good experience I would highly recommend his services. We will continue to rely on Mark for all of our future legal needs.

— Dr. Jay Nelson

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