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Wrongful Death

Published by Mark Brynteson

Mark D. Brynteson is aware of the pain and sorrow you must be feeling following the unexpected and sudden death of your loved one. He will do everything he can to help you get through this challenging time. He knows that no amount of money can take away your suffering or bring back your loved one. Mark D. Brynteson can, however, fight for your rights, and help you collect damages from the party responsible for the death of your family member by filing a wrongful death claim.

Losing a son, daughter, husband, wife, mother, or father is always a traumatic experience—especially when your loved one dies in a tragic accident caused by another party’s carelessness or negligence. In Illinois, a wrongful death claim is not part of the decedent’s estate. This means that any recovery is not affected by creditors or debt associated with the victim and all sums of money recovered go directly to the surviving family members. Damages can be recovered for the conscious pain and suffering inflicted upon the deceased, as well as for the sorrow, grief, and mental anguish suffered by the surviving family members.

Damages When Filing a Wrongful Death Claim In order to file a wrongful death claim in Illinois, family member(s) must prove that the liable party did in fact cause the death and, had the victim lived, he or she would have been able to file a personal injury claim for the injuries sustained from the accident. Only the surviving spouse or next of kin can file a wrongful death claim in Illinois.

If your loved one was someone whom you depended on for financial support, you may be worrying about how you will support your family. There also may be cremation and burial expenses, as well as medical bills to consider.

Damages from a wrongful death claim or lawsuit can also include expenses related to the death, loss of benefits and future income, loss of companionship, and, possibly, punitive damages. This is why it is so important that you retain the services of a personal injury law firm that knows how to obtain the maximum recovery possible for your case.

There are many factors to take into consideration when calculating damages for a wrongful death claim, including the age of the decedent when he or she died, the relationship of the plaintiffs to the deceased, and how much income your loved one would have earned had he or she worked until retirement. Mark D. Brynteson will deal with your case immediately so that he can help you collect your recovery as soon as possible. He knows that you can’t afford to wait until the statute of limitations for your wrongful death claim has run out before paying your bills, which is why Mark D. Brynteson will employ strategic and aggressive tactics to resolve your case.

Mark D. Brynteson will do everything he can to help make your financial future secure. If he is unable to negotiate a settlement for you, Mark D. Brynteson is not afraid to file a wrongful death suit and prove to a jury why you deserve to be compensated for your loved one’s death.

Please feel free to call 1-815-569-4280, or email Mark D. Brynteson at info@bryntesonlaw.com. He will be happy to discuss your case with you and explore your options. If you decide to retain him as your personal injury attorney, you will not have to pay him for services unless he obtains your financial recovery.

For nearly 15 years, Mark D. Brynteson has represented victims from neighborhoods and towns in and around the Northern Illinois area, as well as clients from cities and counties throughout the state. Many of our clients live in Cook County in Riverside, Westchester, Berwyn, Sauk Valley, Cicero, Lansing, Bellwood, Maywood, Dolton, South Holland, Olympia Fields, Hazel Crest, Blue Island, Homewood, Matteson, Oak Lawn, Chicago Heights, Harvey, and Oak Park. We also have clients that reside in Lake County, DuPage County, and Will County, Dekalb County, Winnebago County, and Boone County.

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